Small Drawer Cabinets

These are perfect for keeping herbs, teas, fly fishing tackle, cross stitch floss and other sewing sundries, jewelry, and other such items. Every cabinet is carefully crafted, and each one is made from seasoned, and mostly reclaimed, wood with each piece being one-of-a-kind. These small drawer cabinets are custom made from the finest, all natural materials with a natural variation in grain and color.

Because they are handmade the drawers can be slightly different sizes. Each one is numbered so that you can easily be sure to get them in the right slot if you happen to remove multiple drawers. You also have a choice of knobs, so if you would like a certain color or look please let us know when placing your order. Examples of knob choices may include oiled brass, stain, and nickel just to name a few.

Doug uses no stains, fillers, paints, or other such products to enhance the colors of his products. The colors you see are those that come from the wood itself. That being said, please understand that yours may look slightly different than the display photo, but is made to the same specifications as the various photographs of this item on the website.

Care & Upkeep

Your cabinet is sealed meaning there is no care other than simply wiping away any dust that might accumulate. Please make sure to use a soft, lint free cloth when wiping.

Order Inquiries for Custom Cabinets:

If you would like to order a cabinet similar to one of those shown above but in a different size or type of wood, or if you have questions about customizing your order, please Contact Us for more information.


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