Wood Lathe Rest


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Wood lathe rest size:
Length:  8 inches
Width:  3 inches
Thickness of top:  5/8 inch
Thickness of round depends on brand of lathe.

Made in the US, patent pending.

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-Provides freedom, confidence and satisfaction when turning
-Keeps the tool centered and level to reduce chipping and catching
-Allows you to more fully concentrate on the shape of the bowl
-The perfectly plained flat top helps maintain accuracy in finding the
center, no matter the direction or angle
-Designed so the cutting tool easily slides across the top surface
-The rounded edges enable the ability to get closer to any round bowl
-The collar allows you to set the desired height-to-center only once and
use it for the entire cutting of the bowl.
-Made to work with any shape bowl.
-Usable on either side of the bowl, inside and outside
-Eliminates chatter and reduces sanding
-Made completely of solid, quality steel
-Completed with an ionized finish to help prevent rusting
-Extends the life of carbide tips

Safety Features:
the additional width provides a more stable rest
more secure when turning inside of bowls
easier to maneuver



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