Meet Doug Clark

Wood creations are an emotional experience. They feed my very soul with their various grains, colors, and aromas. Every section of wood challenges me to create—to literally turn them into unique masterpieces. I just need to uncover the form that best honors and preserves its beauty.

A noted fine-are collector invited me to attempt what seemed to be the impossible: to create large vessels, wooden sculptures, in the style of my laminated bowls. Big, bold, shiny, one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. My passion for turning includes tool designing, hours
of study and research, traveling to various locations to collect rare wood and pondering over design.

The block assembly has to be perfect in my laminated works. Each requires incredible detail. The turning is excruciating and demands hours of deeply focused attention. When assembling a block or turning the massive results, one wrong move and all my hours are in vain. Each vessel must meet the highest level of perfection. The stress and excitement are exhilarating. The end products stun even me.

My works are built upon years of study and experimentation and meeting the challenge of each segment with the potential of becoming a treasured representation of high-end art.

About Doug Clark

Doug Clark is the business name used by none other than Doug Clark, woodworker. Trained as a custom woodworker and cabinetmaker, Doug’s career spans over forty years and includes expertise in innovative problem solving for challenges in architectural design as well as antique restoration. Turning bowls is a natural outpouring of his devotion to creating artwork that is both beautiful and useful. Doug uses a multiple laminate process technique for every bowl, which began because of a desire to save high quality woods from being thrown away. Many of his turned wood bowls and wood knitting bowls are now in private collections. His work has sold at various shows in Connecticut, distributed through Vermont and New Hampshire Craft Galleries, as well as Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, Vancouver, BC, Washington State, Japan, and England. Doug owns and operates the Doug Clark studio in Liberty, Utah.