A great tool for every yarn plying job, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist. These bowls are great for their intended task. They also help to corral those pesky wandering balls of yarn when knitting with multiple colors. In addition to their unsurpassed utility, these bowls are a pleasure to the senses, smooth and warm to the touch and a delight to behold.

Doug’s one-of-a-kind wooden knitting bowls are made from seasoned, and mostly reclaimed, wood. Due to natural variations in grain and color, your bowl may look slightly different than the photo, but each is made to the same specifications as those listed on the site.

What Is Yarn Plying?

The process involves creating a balanced yarn that is stronger as well. Take two, or more, strands of twisted yarn and put them together. Be sure to twist them together in the opposite direction from which they were originally spun. It is the added twist that then creates the balance. Properly plied yarn tends to prevent twisting upon itself. Most yarns bought in the store are pre-plied; however, many gorgeous custom yarns can benefit from the process.

That’s where these bowls come in. The balls of unplied yarn nestle gently inside and don’t roll across the floor as you work to create your perfect twist. This allows you to concentrate more fully on the process itself instead of chasing yarn here and there. Even if you love knitting without creating your own twists, having a bowl like this can be greatly beneficial when working with more than one color yarn.

As with all of Doug’s other fine woodworking, these bowls require very little in the way of care. Thanks to the natural properties of the woods use, they continue to look great. Simply wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust. Do not apply any waxes, cleaners, etc as these may potentially damage the natural look of the wood. If you have any questions about care and upkeep of your new yarn bowl, simply contact us today.

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