Bowl Care | Sapele Bowl with Maple StripesEnjoy the beauty and elegance of Fine Woodworking

Bowl Care:

Doug’s wooden bowls and platters are made from seasoned, and mostly reclaimed,wood. Every bowl and platter is one-of-a-kind. What do you need to know about Bowl Care?  No further maintenance is required—-wash gently by hand and wipe dry. When washing your bowl, please be sure to use gentle cleansers – no abrasives – and a soft towel to dry.

These bowls and platters are NOT oven, microwave, or dishwasher safe. While these are works of art, all bowls and platters are food safe and comes ready for use. Please make sure to use caution if using the bowl, making sure to provide proper support when carrying anything in them. For example, place one hand underneath a bowl of fruit to help support it properly.

Each piece is designed and hand crafted by Doug Clark, a master craftsman whose experience spans four decades and specializes in custom work, from cabinetry to architecture. He believes that every product he creates should be both beautiful and functional.

Unlike many other similar products, Doug uses no oils, waxes, or home brewed combinations of finishes. This means no worries for those who have allergies or sensitivities to such. It also means that the look of your bowl or platter may change slightly over time as the wood ages. This in turn means that your piece will continue to be the center of conversation with all who see it.

Doug donates five percent of profits to reforestation projects worldwide.

Beautiful. Practical. Easy on the Earth. This is the creed by which he measures the success of each of his creations. It is also Doug’s driving reason to use as much reclaimed materials as possible. We each have a responsibility to care for the Earth so that its beauty can be enjoyed by the generations to come.